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You need a Pastor. Here’s why...

It doesn’t matter if you believe in the Christian faith or not, here is why you need a Pastor.

In order for me to explain to you why you need a Pastor, I must first explain what a Pastor is not.

When I say pastor I am not talking about the following:

-someone that stands up at a pulpit and tells you what you’ve done wrong.

-someone that tells you that you are bad.

-someone that tells you how to think.

-someone that says God is mad at you.

-someone that shames you.

-someone that condemns you.

-someone that tries to manipulate you.

These are not characteristics of a Pastor, also just because someone leads a church organization doesn’t make them a pastor. They could have gone to Bible college or seminary and still not be a true pastor. People could call them that and even receive them as a pastor but ultimately they are out of alignment.

God makes beauty out of ashes, so there’s grace for their misalignment but they would’ve been more impactful living in their intended God-given purpose.

Now a Pastor may have gone to some sort of higher education. There’s nothing wrong with higher education when it assists your God-given calling. The problem arises when education is idolized above revelation from God.

True Pastors are called by God. They may lead a church organization or they may lead a small group of people. They may work as a custodian or they may have multiple businesses. The call on their life to be a Pastor may be evident or it may not.

Ultimately they are called. They are set apart in some way to help some people experience love in a much-needed way in sometimes the most unlikely circumstances. They have been created to reveal the love of the Father(Yahweh) to a select group of people that they have been destined to impact. God has prepared them for people. God has prepared a Pastor who loves Him for you.

These people may consist of people who believe in Jesus or people who don’t want anything to do with Jesus. Ultimately the Pastor, their Pastor, are called to love them, feed their spirits, and provide a spiritual covering for their journey.

You need a Pastor that has been called by Love.

As a human, you are wired for love. Every negative problem you have can be brought back to some sort of fear.

Neuroscientists of the day have become scientifically aware that our brains are wired for two emotions. Love and fear. The root of every negative emotion can be found in a foundation of fear. Every positive emotion is founded in love.

You as an individual operate best when you operate from a place of love. Spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

You are a being of love.

When we are healthy and whole it is love that we enjoy the most. Every person experiences some measure of love.

The purpose of a Pastor is founded on love. They have actually been called to help you love according to God the Father.

Now I’m not saying that Pastors are perfect or even fully aware of the things I just shared but you can benefit from having a Pastor regardless of your beliefs because you will always benefit from experiencing love.

You are your best self when you are in love.




Lover❤️ | Hubby💒 | Dad🤷🏽‍♂️ | Developer💻 | Intuitive Strategist🧠

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Patrick V. Murray

Patrick V. Murray

Lover❤️ | Hubby💒 | Dad🤷🏽‍♂️ | Developer💻 | Intuitive Strategist🧠

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