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There are way more things that connect us than divide us.

3 thoughts I want to share regarding people:

  1. Everybody has baggage.
  2. Everybody is on a journey.
  3. Everybody can grow.

Everybody has baggage.

Every single person has something that they carry as an individual that no one knows about. It may be a secret that they don’t want to share. It may be something they assume people know or it may be something they don’t know how to communicate externally.

As a person, we get to extend grace to people which in turn helps us extend grace to ourselves.

Help people carry their baggage by not adding any unnecessary weight.

Encourage where you can. Help build the person up when given a chance. Allow your presence to be a momentary comfort for that person.

Everybody is on a journey.

Every single person has a unique experience with this thing called life. It’s personal, painful, pleasurable, peaceful, and sometimes plain ole confusing.

We figure things out only to find out that what we just figured out actually goes against what we thought we knew.

Personally, I know I have experienced so many things that I do not understand. It’s a complete mystery to me. But one of the things I learn to do with mystery is embrace it and not act like I have a definite answer.

The beauty of a journey is that you don’t have to have immediate answers for everything you encounter. When we embrace life as a journey we get the privilege of enjoying the process of who we are at that moment in time.

Everybody can grow.

Don’t assume you know someone just because you use to do life with them 15 years ago. People change.

One of the most limiting things for relationships is for you to stay at a surface level and not push past into the unknown.

When things get common for us a people we typically get bored. When we get bored our attention usually goes to something else.

When we realize that everyone grows we get to ask questions about how that person has grown in a certain area. We get to ask them about their process.

Seeing people as you want to see yourself will help you have compassion for people. Seeing people as people helps bridge the gaps of division with love.




Lover❤️ | Hubby💒 | Dad🤷🏽‍♂️ | Developer💻 | Intuitive Strategist🧠

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Patrick V. Murray

Patrick V. Murray

Lover❤️ | Hubby💒 | Dad🤷🏽‍♂️ | Developer💻 | Intuitive Strategist🧠

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