The World-Changing Pros of Purpose

Patrick V. Murray
2 min readJan 18, 2022


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When I was 17 I had an encounter living on a couch at 4am on a Monday.

It changed EVERYTHING!

But it all started from the inside out.

The things outside of my control did not change immediately but my choices changed. My ideas changed. My thoughts started to change.

Most of all I found my purpose in that encounter.

It was to serve humanity, to make it better in some kind of positive way.

Very broad, but I have learned through the journey that the best way for us to impact the world around us is to live from our authentic expression.

Living from the inside out actually changes the outside world.

Now I have had very dramatic moments with people and even groups of people where I know that they were significantly impacted.

The more common experience is people over time that express the impact that I made on their life way later in life.

Whether I met them in a grocery store or they heard me speak at an event or we just shared a moment of transparency somewhere.

My life, in some way, was used to impact and make their life better in some way.

So can YOURS!

You do not have to be the greatest in your field, the most unique, or anything out of the ordinary.

It takes genuinely loving people, caring for people, and realizing that when you are living out your potential you are benefitting humanity.

AKA being the best you.

Take intentional steps towards these areas and you are bound to change the world.

When an individual is impacted it is felt throughout the world.



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