Simple Joy

Patrick V. Murray
2 min readMay 19, 2022


One of the greatest lessons that I’ve learned as a believer is to never let dark nights dictate new mornings.

Pity parties always left me in the dark valley. Potential parties always pointed to my identity in Christ, who He says I am, and that I am expected to be at the table of His Presence.

Being who God has Anointed, Equipped, and Called us to be as an individual AND in a collective/community/tribe causes us to transform the dark valleys we go through and not be held hostage by them.

There are always other people on the other side of our obedience.

A better world exists on the other side of our obedience to God the Father. Inventions are in that realm as well. Better attitudes for the moment. Healing is there. Secrets are there. Freedom is there. His glory is there. He is there.

Peter was called out of the boat, out of the crowd, and out of a place of comfort into an environment of discomfort with a divine hope that the One who he has abandoned his life to pursue would give a Word that would defy the laws of physics, rescue him from suspected death, and ultimately lead him to a deeper place of intimacy with Jesus.

He walked on water and was brought to a place where he was embraced by God. Our surrender to Him, His Word, and His truth always leads to a divine embrace.

Jesus always has a seat for you at the table.

We have been called to transform dark valleys into beautiful venues where people can be encountered by the Holy Spirit.

Not ensnared by a religious spirit, entrapped by a political spirit, or mesmerized by the spirit of grumpy cat or any other “spirit” that tries to entangle our souls and dictate our destiny. Just the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God. The One who raises the dead, anoints the simple, and destroys any yoke that isn’t meant to be carried.

The same Spirit that helped Jesus as 100% man to OPERATE as 100% God in human form. It’s all in the book.

On earth, as it is in heaven.

“When the Holy Spirit leads you into conflict, it is never to punish you, it’s always to punish the devil.” -Bill Johnson



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