Generational Dysfunction Gave Me Superpowers

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One of the benefits of growing up in a dysfunctional home environment is the conditioning of spontaneity to be able to flow with the sometimes abrupt life changes. On another note, it is also a problem. People, especially during growing seasons, can benefit from healthy routines. It is something about healthy boundaries that is grounding.

As babies conditioned to our mother's womb we crave the swaddling that holds our arms against us. In a weird way, children love to be disciplined, not the abrupt spanking type of discipline but the discipline that communicates this is what you can do and cannot do. In our relationships with others, we long for boundaries.

Let a friend come to your house at 2am, wake you up for some sugar for several nights in a row and you will find out the blessings of boundaries.

Growing in the wake of baggage that my parents had set me up with this weird internal anxiety that I had covered up for so long but eventually had to deal with it.

My parents loved me, I never doubted that, I have no hard feelings towards them and even absolutely love my upbringing with them as guides. It made me into something that I wouldn’t know if I would be without but along with the superpowers that that lifestyle gave me there have also been some things that I have had to deal with, one being the routine predicament.

Our brains naturally create habits to reserve energy, routines are helpful because we intentionally choose the habits so that it is easier and more efficient for us to form ourselves in the way we choose.

I loved calling my grandpa to pick me up from sports practice when I was younger. He would always be there within 5 minutes of me calling or he would at least give me a time where he would be there.

He was consistent and constant.

It was easy to rely on him when he gave me his word. He did what he said he was going to do and it was a blessing that I took for granted at the time but I know if he were alive today I would be able to go to him and receive some beneficial advice.

I would actually have anxiety if I had to call my parents to pick me up for practice because I never knew when they would show up. It was unpredictable.

Routines give us control of who we are becoming. If you set up intentional routines it will depict who you will become.

If you want to be a workout person, set your workout clothes up early, set yourself up to read workout articles to get tips, and learn how to gear your workouts to the liking of your future self.

If you want to be a business owner, lookup business advice at 3pm every day for 21 days, set a time to imagine what it would be like to run your business, create space for yourself to take steps that you have planned.

If you want to be an intentional spouse. Learn to take notice of the little things your significant other prefers, teach yourself to love to serve them.

There are so many routines that you can set up to be better but essentially it comes down to who you desire to be and then for you to reverse engineer your life accordingly.

Our routines mold who we are becoming, it does this awesome thing of bringing our future self into our present reality.




Lover❤️ | Hubby💒 | Dad🤷🏽‍♂️ | Developer💻 | Intuitive Strategist🧠

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Patrick V. Murray

Patrick V. Murray

Lover❤️ | Hubby💒 | Dad🤷🏽‍♂️ | Developer💻 | Intuitive Strategist🧠

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