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The most joyously frustrating thing I love about programming. Especially when I am helping an organization or business are three things:

1) The complexity

2) The persistent challenge

3) The privilege to partner with Creativity

One of the things that I love about programming solutions for other people is the complexity, challenge, and potentially courageously creative possibility that a technical solution can be to launch a person, a brand, or a movement into a more efficient and conscious position in the right season.

“When we are able to identify simple solutions to complex problems that limit our growth we can then transition from a primitive survival type mindset to a faithful-forward approach to a better tomorrow.”

“Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.“

-Theodore Levitt (1925–2006), Renown economist

For my techies, I’ve been primarily tightening up on front-end with Angular/Typescript and learning the brilliant thought culture of Tailwind.

I’m starting to like the suspected benefits of using Tailwind. Particularly I like the overall architecture behind having a set language with scripts…

Built some basic programs with those but now I am rebuilding my personal site, as well as connecting some databases to learn a new ORM that I just found about to help with some data migrating using one query language for multiple databases.

More Back-end dev, I’ve been shifting back to using Node/Express after some time of using php and before that C#…(story time)

Funny & kind of brief story…

When I first learned C# it was from having been in the JAVA world for some time. We were migrating some old data to a new database and building out some features for the company's in-house project management software.

I jokingly called C#, C-squared, and ended up actually saying C-squared in legitimate conversations.

…*only kind of funny…

Other than that, I’m freshening up on some most common cybersecurity practices and that’s it….

“Innovation and creativity go hand in hand in bettering the world.”

If you have any awesome reads on cybersecurity let me know!!



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